Ben Parzybok

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Hi – this is a page to keep track of work published and other projects. I’m going to divide my work up  into written and other.



Couch published by Small Beer Press
– Also available in Turkish as ‘Koltuk’ from Domingo
– Also available as an audio book from Iambik

Sherwood Nation: Forthcoming in  2014

The Voyage: (underway!) co-written with David Naimon

(+1 more secret project)


The Colts, forthcoming in the anthology The Long Hidden

The Ant Singer, Read it now on: Bourbon Penn

Los Pepenadores, anthologized in Cyberpunk: Stories of Hardware, Software, Wetware, Revolution and Evolution by Underland Press

Bear and Shifty,  Lightspeed Magazine

Launch Night at Dante’s Ad Agency (Reading Local)

Hamlet published by Bellevue Literary Review

Birds published by Strange Horizons

The Coder published in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #21

Couch excerpt published in Eleven Eleven

I did a live performance of a story written for the Hugo House in Seattle which included some server technology and text-messaging. It’s possible it’ll go up on their site at some point. For fun, let’s try a link to a search on ‘Parzybok’.

Essays, etc:

I have a very short essay and photographs on Brazilian Graffiti in Superficial Flesh. There’s also an interview with me in the same issue.

There are a few poems out there in the wild, too, though I haven’t written poetry actively since pretty much the start of Gumball Poetry in 1999.


Event/Ominous organization: Black Magic Insurance Agency – which puts on the Alternate Reality Game / one-night performance piece called ‘Operation Peachblow’. Co-conspirators: David Cain, Prashant Gandhi, Thane Stumbaugh, Andy Hockersmith, Laura Moulton)

Short film:Levin’s Bicycle (along with my occasional co-conspirator, Levin Schersvanaskitty and James Moulton)

Activist Project: Project Hamad (no longer actively maintained) (along with David Naimon, Laura Moulton)

Literary Journal: Gumball Poetry (no longer actively maintained) link to Wayback machine archive (along with Laura Moulton)

Web thing: The Psychic Book Project (no longer actively maintained) (along with Laura Moulton)

Web thing: Message in a bottle (not really maintained) (along with Noah Magram)

Web thing: Datablob – the world’s nonsense exchange (defunct) link to Wayback machine archive

Web thing: I founded Walker Tracker, and work there still.

In case you’re curious, there’s a Wikipedia page on me at: