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I’ve got a whole ton of writing news to trickle out over the next month or two, including a couple of pending short stories, an audio version of an old story, a big project announcement and an event. But in the meantime, I’m really happy to announce that I’ve signed with Eddie Schneider of the JABberwocky Literary Agency!

I sold my first book to Small Beer Press without an agent. In fact I was their first (and only?) book ever snagged from the ¬†slush pile, dripping wet with ice-slurry, surely. It worked great — but I’ve been interested in obtaining an agent for the long-arc of a writing career, and that came to a head with the completion of Sherwood Nation.

But strangely, getting an agent was more difficult than getting a book accepted. (look at Eddie’s acceptance stats) I had agents make polite overtones, but otherwise indicate that while they liked my writing, they just weren’t sure where books like mine (Couch) would go. Where would it even get shelved? In this day and age though, books of bent genre are everywhere — and Small Beer Press is one of the ground-breakers there (with Kelly Link, of course, but most recently¬†Maureen McHugh’s new collection). And it’s clear from reading his bio that Eddie and I see eye to eye on the matter.

Now, to get a book ship-shape!

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