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Street Books has launched

My fabulous partner Laura Moulton has launched her latest project, Street Books – a mobile, bicycle-powered library for people living outside. Street Books

She received a RACC grant for this and the project is generously hosted — while not in motion — at  Mercy Corps just off of Skidmore fountain in downtown Portland. I believe if you go by their office you can see it there.

I’ve really enjoyed the dialogue that’s happened between librarian and patrons so far — and the patrons have seemed very enthused about the possibility of getting books. If you want to see the current book request list, have a look at the Sponsor a Book page.

Street Books bike

Here are a couple of shots of patrons – click on through to read their post on Street Books.

Marvin (only carries the Torah) - I saw a great video of him talking about his bike adventure that Laura will post in the next few days

Elizabeth - chose a Dark Horse book

Dave - took one for his girlfriend too

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