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Laura has some issues with predictive text

Whenever I pick up Laura’s old school phone I’m always amazed she doesn’t use predictive text (T9) for texting. Trying to be a helpful husband I then talk about how useful it is and turn it on.

Then I forget to turn it off. The following exchange is a good reminder to let working systems be…

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  1. That actually made me snort tea out of my nose, not really my preferred sinus rinse…

    I also don’t use predictive text, because somehow, almost none of my conventional vocabulary appears to be in it and my phone is so old as to not have the option of dropping temporarily out of PT for one word — you have to press a button, scroll through a menu, select an item, and return to the message every time you want to change in or out. (Of course, one could point out that my phone is really old, and this is not entirely the fault of predictive text being Evil and all.)

  2. I have been chuckling over this for days.

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