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Couch alternate cover

Felix Schlater at created an alternate cover for Couch. It’s really lovely. It’s worth checking out his other work too – I loved the Black Keys and Arcade Fire album re-designs. The redesign is similar in spirit to the original design that Small Beer Press mocked up as a placeholder before¬†Andi Watson did the final cover. Actually I think ¬†it was the second mockup – but I can’t seem to find it on the web now.

At any rate, thanks Felix!


Ah, here’s the secondary cover…

Author: Benjamin Parzybok

My name is Ben Parzybok and I'm a novelist and programmer living in Portland, OR. @sparkwatson



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  2. This was very cool to wake up to this morning :). I am really enjoying the book, and look forward to diving into it some more today. Portland is one of those cities that my wife and I have been meaning to visit, as it seems many cool things are coming out of there these days. If we do visit, I’ll be sure to bring along a large orange couch!

  3. Hey Felix – thanks for dropping by. And really great cover art, again. Portland is fun – I seem to have a hard time not writing about it, as the book I’m working on now is all in Portland too. No couches in the latest one, alas, not even an ottoman.

  4. I thought Ottoman was an empire, not a couch.

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