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I really wanted to like WiMax

Ubiquitous internet through the air is cool and so sci-fi. I loved the setup process — get a modem in the mail, plug it in, voila! Yes, having all that signal stream through my brain makes me nervous – but we’re already doing that to ourselves in no small amount.

Alternately: Comcast drives me crazy. They’re too expensive, hard to reach, and I don’t want their TV crap. I just want the pipe.

But look at these speed differences:

Clear WiMax (on the fastest plan, ~6MB):


Comcast (re-installed today)


To be fair: Clear tried hard. They were very friendly, their support was patient and knowledgeable. I tried their suggestions and once or twice got up near 4mb…but never consistently.

If you happen to be in an area where you get a better signal, and if you’re not running a freelance web dev business, maybe you’ll get better mileage. Sadly, I’m on Comcast’s wire again, and Clear’s box is heading out.

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  1. I was a satisfied Clearwire customer for a couple years. That was in Pullman, WA though, so I can imagine things being different in the city.

  2. I was days from switching from Comcast to FIOS but then Comcast way upped their speed and after upgrading my modem…you can’t beat a download speed of 22MB/S

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