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apologizes unequivocally

The domain I’m giving away today:

I have too many domains — about 30 or so. It’s an addiction. I’m trying to pare down some so today I’m giving away

It’s a great domain, I think, and at one time I had plans for it.

Build your web app there, house your blog, etc.

Just leave me a comment here over the next few days about how you might like to use it — if you’re the only one it’s yours (by the way – it expires in two days – but I will register it for you for another year at, and then transfer it to your account). If there are a couple of interested people, I’ll pick the one I like best. If you have no technical skills — I’ll even host it for you at dreamhost for a year (with wordpress?) to get you started.

Now, who wants it?

Author: Benjamin Parzybok

My name is Ben Parzybok and I'm a novelist and programmer living in Portland, OR. @sparkwatson



  1. I’d like it! It would be a good place to house a little to-do list web app that I just spec’d out the other day for Josh.

  2. I would like it as well…but unfortunately wouldn’t have the technical capabilities to do anything with it…so I would recommend giving it to someone with a cool name…like Cam!

  3. wow, is there anyone else named Cam that wants to join in? This almost looks like a multiple personality disorder type thing. Cam (cousin): do you really want that domain, or do you want help getting set up with something – I’d be happy to help.

    Other Cam: Awesome – I’m glad it’s going to a good home. Sign up for an account on Gandi and I’ll transfer the domain over, it’s yours.
    By the way – Gandi is based in France where there are tougher privacy restrictions, and that’s partly why I keep my domains there – they’re great.
    Do you have hosting stuff all figured out? If so – let me know where to point it (DNS servers).

  4. I’m fascinated by the correlation between interest in the listmaker domain and people named Cam. I am VERY interested in this domain, but have not yet thought of what I want to do with it yet. If you cannot wait for me to come up with an idea before you need to give it away, I hope you will give it to somebody else named Cam.


  5. Awesome. Thanks! Let me turn this over to my technical minion. If it helps, I can call him Cam.

  6. Right on. Now I will have no excuse not to finish learning CakePHP for Cam’s to-do list. I just signed up for a handle at Gandi (JL4338-GANDI), and can host it on my Dreamhost account once the domain’s transferred over. Thanks!

    –“Cam” (aka Josh, Cam’s technical minion)

  7. Hi Josh/AKA CAM – Great – I’ve switched out all gandi ids on the domain except the administrative contact (which you should be able to change– just wanted to make sure I didn’t lose control in case we had the wrong ID) and deleted it from my dreamhost account — you should be able to set it up in the next 24hrs or so.
    I’ve heard good things about CakePHP — also about CodeIgniter. Let me know when you’ve got something – love to see it. Cheers,Ben

  8. Thanks! Looks like the domain transfer worked; I’ll get hosting set up for it this weekend, and drop you a line when I’ve got something interesting there.

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