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many small bits: couches, sunsets and christopher walken

I’m finally getting caught up on email and the like – here’s a quick newsy post:

I will be at The Willamette Store tomorrow in Salem, OR. Here’s the event on Facebook if you’re on there, or on Book Tour. And then I’ll be at the Waucoma Bookstore in Hood River, OR at 5pm on Friday [facebook, booktour]. Please come and say hi if you’re in the area.

Here are a couple of blog reviews of Couch:

Rat’s Reading – a very cool seeming book review site, said:

“A strong debut novel, and worth reading. Bring an appreciation for the absurd, cause you’ll need it.”

Stephen Granade of Live Granades: (home of, among other things, the awesome LOLTrek) felt less enthusiastic about the belief in magic in opposition to science, citing two specific character’s speeches. In the end, Stephen said:

“Absent those speeches, the story is strong and affecting.”

Thanks, both!

Apparently Couch is now available on the Kindle, if you’ve got one of those gizmos, and can be previewed in Google Books.

Can you believe this is December? It’s been lovely here. This cell phone photo from today.

Speaking of LOLcats – Kitty Carper is asleep on my lap. It’s nice to be home.

Several people have pointed out the children’s book “He Came with the Couch” by David Slonim. It’s great fun.

I have a ping pong table now! I think it’s inevitable that I’ll be watching Balls of Fury. Honestly, it looks terrible – but Christopher Walken!

Tomorrow? Some exciting news…

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