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Couch: An interview and a review

A couple of things related to Couch:

Here’s an interview with me done by Dmae Roberts on KBOO – plus a picture of me reading the book on air she took. Dmae Roberts runs MediaRites and has done many other incredible projects.

Thanks, Dmae!

Paul Constant of The Stranger gave a great, generous review of Couch. In a review with a title I love:

One Couch to Rule Them All
How a Novel About Moving a Couch Saved a Genre

It’s a very positive review of Couch, but also just a great review – starting off with ruminations about couches in general:

“Couches have a weird totemic power. There aren’t nearly as many pieces of art about desks, for instance, and songs and poems about chairs generally have to do more with the lonely person sitting in them than the chair itself. And there’s some pain mixed in with the pleasure, too: Just about any adult who’s lived on their own knows the mundane agony and awkwardness involved with moving a couch from one apartment to another, or the vexation involved with getting rid of a ratty old couch when no thrift store will take it as a donation.”

Paul goes on to say:
“…by making the magical MacGuffin a beloved household item that nearly everyone has a complicated relationship with, he gives the story the depth and allure of the best modern literary fiction.”

Thanks, Paul!

Read the whole review

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  1. What a wonderful rave review! Congratulations!

  2. Ben – at the risk of sounding like Eminem’s “Stan”, I thought I’d try posting to your blog. I just wanted to share that I’m fascinated with your work, and truly enjoyed your book. It awoke an interest in me that I hadn’t tapped into for some time. I wish you and your family all the best. BTW, I can’t believe you brought out the pencil shooting rocket game – I think we must have played that together for a hundred hours in fourth grade… I only wish I could remember what we called it!

    Take care, Matt

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