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Pedometers and Couch

David pointed out to me that on Amazon, Couch has under ‘Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought’ only a single item: the Omron HJ-112 pedometer.

A few weeks ago there were a number of books in the slipstream genre here instead, presumably because their algorithms looked up other books by my publisher and fitted Couch into this genre. Now enough people have bought Couch that they’re able to do some direct correlating.

What does it say? It says that the people at Walker Tracker are completely awesome. Thank you so much.

But I love how it looks, too. It’s as if people were buying the book and a pedometer simultaneously in order to set out upon the quest in the book for themselves. I would know it true were it accompanied by a few other tell-tale items. Say, a mustache trimmer, wire cutters, some RAM and a Spanish phrase book.

I would love to find other items on Amazon that tell a sort of story – items bought together to perform a single esoteric task. Certainly there’s some mystery that could be gleaned.

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