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Where I’ll be at 4:25 pm today

This is going to be Coen’s first real-live cinematic experience. We’ve taken him to a couple of other theater movies before The Curse of the Were Rabbit (he was too young to really stay tuned to the whole thing), Control Room (he was in a theater’s ‘crying room’ and was too small to pay attention to the movie — which is not exactly kid material) and a movie about polar bears (after the trailers for the movie were over and before the movie started, he asked if we were done and if we could go. We did leave about a third of the way in). But this is the first movie he’s been aware of and that we’ve been planning to go to. He’s watched the trailer for the movie about twenty times.

Star Wars was the first movie I ever saw in a theater. I was six years old, we didn’t have a TV, and I lived in the country with goats, geese and two back-to-the-land parents and holeeeeee sheeit my brain was never the same. I suspect this won’t  be as much of a jump for him, but still, at a little over 4 and a half, it’s going to be a big experience.



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  1. you guys are cute. i was never the same after Star Wars either. saw it a gazillion times in the theater that year

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