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Catching lightning

There was a thunderstorm in Portland tonight – a very rare occurrence. The kids slept through it, even when the thunder made the house rattle. So much for animal instinct. How is it that they can sleep through a house-rattling boom but wake up when I creak by their door on tip toes?

I’ve always wanted to photograph lightning. Tonight I finally got a few pics – 4 with lightning in them, to be exact, out of the ~1100 photos I snapped.

I took them all from my front porch – not the most spectacular view of the sky, what with criss-crossing telephone wires, etc. There’s no award winning shots here, but I’m mighty proud all the same. Click to see these at a larger size.

This last picture is an in-progress shot of a Black Magic Insurance project I’m working on – yes, that’s a gbp machine gone ominous.

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