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August 15, 2011
by Benjamin Parzybok
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Street Books updates

Laura‘s Street Books project has been doing just tremendously.

Among many other places, she was written up in the Christian Science Monitor and local filmmaker Travis Shields created this short, really lovely documentary on the project.
Go Laura!

Even better, she announced on the Street Books blog that they’ve officially decided to continue past their original end-date (and we three on the home-front are happy to hear that she will have help).

July 8, 2011
by Benjamin Parzybok

White Trash Zombie and other books

I critiqued a section of Diana Rowland’s ‘White Trash Zombie’ while I was at the Rio Hondo Writers’ Workshop in 2010, and lo! I just noticed it’s out this week.

The section I read was extremely fun – and┬ájust look at that cover!


While I’m at it – I just had a look at some of the other books by writers I met while there. I read sections from nearly all these books/stories, and it’s really fun and exciting — nay, magical — to see them in print now.

Karen Joy Fowler published What I Didn’t See


Alexander Jablokov has published a lot of stories.

Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck co-wrote Leviathan Wakes

And Daniel, who obviously does not ever sleep, ever, also published the first of a new epic fantasy series The Dragon’s Path

James Patrick Kelly was nominated for the Hugo and Nebula awards for his novelette Plus or Minus

Kristin Livdahl published the novella A Brood of Foxes

David Levine published a ton of short stories

Walter Jon Williams published Deep State

And the great Maureen F McHugh’s new book After the Apocalypse will be out this October, 2011.

Impressive, people!

July 2, 2011
by Benjamin Parzybok

Re-working the middle

Sherwood Nation, in green and heavily commented. I’d like to think that this book I began writing in earnest in January 2010 in Brazil is nearing completion, 19 months later, as the sun finally begins to shine in Portland.