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The Long Hidden

I’m really excited to have a short story in the anthology The Long Hidden, as I was incredibly taken with the idea the moment they announced their very successful Kickstarter. Billed as Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History, the book is a genre-bending romp through time, looking into corners that ‘official history’ has neglected.

From GoodReads:

“1514 Hungary, peasants who rose up against the nobility rise again – from the grave. In 1633 Al-Shouf, a mother keeps demons at bay with the combined power of grief and music. In 1775 Paris, as social tensions come to a boil, a courtesan tries to save the woman she loves. In 1838 Georgia, a pregnant woman’s desperate escape from slavery comes with a terrible price. In 1900 Ilocos Norte, a forest spirit helps a young girl defend her land from American occupiers.

These gripping stories have been passed down through the generations, hidden between the lines of journal entries and love letters. Now 27 of today’s finest authors – including Tananarive Due, Sofia Samatar, Ken Liu, Victor LaValle, Nnedi Okorafor, and Sabrina Vourvoulias – reveal the people whose lives have been pushed to the margins of history.”

That first story mentioned is mine (called ‘Colts’).

They’re having a giveaway for the book on Good Reads now, so grab your copy while there’s still some left!

Here’s the lovely cover:LH-cover-onlytitleandeditors-1024x720

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