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Grace Paley tribute/birthday reading

I’m going to be reading from Grace Paley’s work at the Clinton Theater tomorrow, along with a list of other wonderful people, in an event organized by Judith Arcana.

In addition to being a renowned author, poet and essayist, Grace Paley was an ardent political activist and all-around sassy broad. Celebrating what would have been her 90th birthday, local authors and fans—including Ben Parzybok, Constance Hall, Harold Johnson, Khanh Pham, Laura Moulton, Liz Woody, Michael Heald, Sandy Polishuk and Steve Williams—will read a collection of Paley’s work and screen the documentary Grace Paley: Collected Shorts. This event will be the last of the annual gatherings. — Willamette Week

There will also be a film. December 11th at 7pm, admission is free! Read more here. If you come, say hi.

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