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White Trash Zombie and other books

I critiqued a section of Diana Rowland’s ‘White Trash Zombie’ while I was at the Rio Hondo Writers’ Workshop in 2010, and lo! I just noticed it’s out this week.

The section I read was extremely fun – and┬ájust look at that cover!


While I’m at it – I just had a look at some of the other books by writers I met while there. I read sections from nearly all these books/stories, and it’s really fun and exciting — nay, magical — to see them in print now.

Karen Joy Fowler published What I Didn’t See


Alexander Jablokov has published a lot of stories.

Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck co-wrote Leviathan Wakes

And Daniel, who obviously does not ever sleep, ever, also published the first of a new epic fantasy series The Dragon’s Path

James Patrick Kelly was nominated for the Hugo and Nebula awards for his novelette Plus or Minus

Kristin Livdahl published the novella A Brood of Foxes

David Levine published a ton of short stories

Walter Jon Williams published Deep State

And the great Maureen F McHugh’s new book After the Apocalypse will be out this October, 2011.

Impressive, people!

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