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Hey everybody, it’s summer! Here’re a few pics

We’re mid-way through Summer. These damn things go so fast. The blueberries in the yard are half-gone. The raspberries are placing the peas into thorny bondage. The kids are popsicle-juice-stuck to the screen door, which is why I have a few spare moments.

Here are a few random pics from adventures so far (click them to make bigger). What’s your Summer look like?

My brother Ezra, standing in a lake in Vermont.

Naming plants is totally going to be my next job.

For my money, Moment of Truth looked suspiciously like Computer.

Self portrait. (procrastinating an edit, I believe)

Truck being eaten, San Juan Island.

Tiny crabs, San Juan Island

Windmills in the Columbia Gorge

Beehive, BZ Corner, Washington

A cat named Ned. He’s awesome. And named after my friend Ned, also awesome.

Vermont. So pretty

Hey! We have a post office box. Did I mention this already? So far, Laura and I mostly use it to place strange little objects for each other…since there’s not much mail yet. Hey, I know, you could put something in there!

Ben Parzybok or Laura Moulton

PO Box 13642,

Portland, OR 97213

The inside of our Post Office Box.

This city looks familiar.

That’s all for now!

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My name is Ben Parzybok and I'm a novelist and programmer living in Portland, OR. @sparkwatson

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  1. That VT you speak of sure looks like a nice place. And the Po Box is very romantic.

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