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And so it is – The Secret

This blog has been the end result of a quite substantive number of searches recently for the keywords:

‘The Secret’  + ‘And so it is’

Apparently they’re going to make a movie out of the not-at-all-related-to-this-website book called ‘The Secret’, for which you may read my favorite review of the book here ‘The secret saved my life‘ by Ari Brouilette. My cursory plumbing of the internets to figure out why the phrase ‘and so it is’ is related to the movie turned up …well, this blog. So there you go. Something must be brewing, but apparently it’s still a secret.

This blog is likely the top result (hey!), because in a fit of guarded, privacy-hoarding introversion I named this blog ‘secret’, and quite coincidentally I have a category here called ‘And so it is‘. Which has a few nice things in it, if I do say so myself.

Actually, I’m quite sure I’m using the power of The Secret right now (and some basic keyword fixing) to acquire all traffic related to this search query right now! Because – well, let’s be honest – it makes me giggle. So there you go, there is a connection.

Just to really go the full length, here’s a picture of The Secret, and so it is. Which, after you’ve viewed it, will allow this search query, and this blog entry, to remain just as obscure and, I don’t know, secretive? As it was upon your arrival:

Secret - And so it is

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