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Fashions for privacy / self-defense

This seems so obvious and brilliant:

A designer reverse-engineered face detection algorithms to find face painting patterns/make-up that could hide your face from detection.

In other words, fashion camouflage.

Adam Harvey is a designer and technologist with NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

via io9

Author: Benjamin Parzybok

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  1. Some of those are actually quite attractive. I could see myself in some of those top-row designs. But perhaps not so much the random ones, where it looks like someone gave you a black eye.

    The unnerving part of this though is the implication that having a black eye would make you unrecognizable by an automated system. I can see evildoers kicking themselves in the face prior to boarding a plane.

    Actually, I’d quite like to see evildoers kicking themselves in the face, so maybe this is no bad thing. (Meanwhile I’ll stick to the first-line designs and retain my privacy in this overly camera-filled world, thanks.)

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