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Couch is number one in Oregon Travel Books…?

It’s meaningless, I know, but my ego loves it when Couch is the best-selling Oregon state travel book on Amazon. I have no idea how Couch will help your exploration of Oregon, unless you use it as a sort of furniture how-to guide in rainy climates, but there you go.

Author: Benjamin Parzybok

My name is Ben Parzybok and I'm a novelist and programmer living in Portland, OR. @sparkwatson



  1. Isn’t it more sort of a travel guide of how to get OUT of Oregon?

  2. Yes, totally. And that would make an excellent sub-genre of travel books. You’ve got all these travel books telling you how to get to or travel around in some place — but if you’re already there? Pick up a book from the GET OUT OF

  3. Funny, because when I bought Couch i also bought Roadside Geology of Oregon. I love David Alt’s lyrical prose. And Couch was a great book for the unconventional rock enthusiast.

  4. An excellent idea.

    Reminds me of the old Santa Barbara street called “Salsipuedes”…. get out if you can!

  5. David Alt’s Roadside Geology was also just at the top of the Sci Fi and Fantasy bestsellers list. In Oregon the rocks, like the couches, are magical.

    @valerie – salsipuedes is really awesome streetname.

  6. David Alt rocks

  7. No, I think he alt-countrys.

  8. you are kicking chuck palahniuk’s ass! better watch out, he wrote fight club you know

  9. I’m not worried – he’s a fugitive and a refugee.
    Though wait — walking is my dominion!

  10. i would sue him, and then when he punched you, you could sue him, or you could punch him back, and then he would sue you, and then you would be famous as the guy who fought the fight club guy, and then it would come out that you were #1 and he was #5 and then brad pitt would be in Couch cast against character as Tree, and you could make a little cash despite the movie version using a talking couch with a mouth inserted beneath the center cushion, that is voiced by Richard Gere which totally doesn’t work

  11. True — Jack Black would do a good talking couch cushion, I think. Especially if the couch had a moustache.

  12. but that is the point, you lose artistic control of the movie, become known as the guy who wrote the book about the talking couch, as teh guy you beat up Chuck P. Richard Gere smiles smugly from the cover of the book, you are richer and famous now , but stuck in the talking furniture genre as the films have become franchises, even with action figures and actual home furnishings that speak when sat upon. you have a mid-life crisis and decide to write a book about rocks, despite your agent saying it won’t sell, at least not any higher than #3 or #4 but you don’t care

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