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Couch for under 4 bucks

Not sure why — maybe it was the MacMillan/Amazon ebook pricing  fiasco or maybe they just feel like there are too many digital copies of Couch -uh, stacking up? But Amazon has dropped the price of the ebook Kindle version of Couch from around $8/a copy to $3.55. Wow.

This is not a post to get the 2 readers of this blog to buy the book (you know who you are. Wait, who are you?) but I was rather surprised by the Kindle price. That’s a really cheap book.

Coen and I read The Hobbit on the Kindle app version on my phone while we were in Brazil and I have to say, it was not a bad reading experience at all. Though it did get a bit tricky when we wanted to scan back to try to remember who so-and-so was.

(Of course Powell’s has the real thing used for 10.95 )

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  1. Hey! I read the blog and I bought the book. In fact I bought many copies, so I could give them to people.

    But now that you mention it, I’ll try to get my friend the Kindle addict to buy himself a copy.

  2. Makes a kindle seem cheaper. Say writers didn’t have to earn a livin from their books- shouldn’t their work be for free? Philosophically, what is the importance of paying for art? Purely because the artist should be rewarded? Maybe just that an artist should be able to make a living just like a taxi driver makes a living.

  3. Ah shucks, thanks Valerie. And thanks for joining the Grand Canyon experiment.

    @Ez – I’d like to see a world where writers didn’t have to earn a living from their books rather than one where, for the large majority, it was near impossible to earn a living from one’s books. That said, I do believe in the idea of reward — though I think of it more as an exchange rather than a reward.

    Just as a widget maker works hard to create a widget and then bring it to market, and wants to see some reward for the enormous amount of work and time expended for the effort.

    Money can be a loaded topic, but within the system we have, as a symbolic measure of work or goods, it’s the best thing we’ve got.

    I think it’s philosophically important for a society to pay for art — and by doing so, to indicate that they value the art. I’m not sure it’s necessarily philosophicaly important for an artist to be paid, but it is pragmatically important.

  4. The majority of people who mow ‘get’ music do so illegally, which seems inevitable, but the musician should be reciprocated for creating it.

    Just like a pro skateboarder should get paid for doing something they’re good at. What’s weird though is that what if you’re good at something that doesn’t create an exchange at all? I guess the overarching point is IF you really want to get paid, it’s possible to do so doing anything. Just sucks for people who are good at something but have no idea how to get paid. Lime most artists, writers, athletes, etc.

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