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Reward: Lost on the web… Long Hoax played on one guy about saving the world

Some months ago (or years?) there was a story on the interwebs about a couple of guys who played a long and elaborate hoax on one guy.

I would really like to find this, but I can’t seem to find any references to it.

Here’s what I (think I) remember:

– The guy the hoax was played on was contacted via a video game forum (he was young – maybe 17 when it started, 19 when the hoax finished)

– The hoax involved emails, mail, fake identities, etc.

– at one point the guy was flown somewhere and ┬áled through some forest trail or something under the premise that he was saving the world

– the guy the hoax was played on had a great attitude about it — a quote from him went something like: “I had fun and would be available to save the world again if the need arises”

I’m pretty sure it was on Boing Boing…?

If anybody can find this on the web I’ll give them…um…I’ll send them a hand-drawn postcard. Is that enough bounty?

Author: Benjamin Parzybok

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  1. Hard to convince a guy he’s saving the world when it’s sort of a fantasy concept. Usually takes at least a few 17 yr olds. Guy must have watched a lot of movies.

  2. See it usually takes me a few beers.
    I guess they had him pretty good.
    Didn’t I send it to you…?

  3. Sent the hoax to me? No wonder I thought I was going to save the world a few years back. Alas, all I could save was myself. I was also able to save $23.41 at the bottom of my boot.

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