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Bowerbirds Beth And Phil release Upper Air

A few years ago a handsome, charming young couple from North Carolina answered a craigslist ad we posted for a house sitter – something about: “must love chickens and cats, like to read, etc”. We were on an east coast family tour and decided to trust the internets to take care of our house.
Beth and Phil
Theirs was one of the many responses to the craigslist ad, but they answered most charmingly and explained they were going to play around in Portland for a few weeks and maybe play a gig  or two, and yes, they loved chickens.

Beth and Phil turned out to be The Bowerbirds – and they’ve since become one of my favorite bands, as well as the favorite band of many others, I imagine, as they’ve done quite well for themselves.

Last I’d heard they were building a log cabin – here’s Beth flexing her impressive, accordion-playing muscles:

And Yesterday they released a new album: Upper Air

Nice work!

See The Bowerbirds here: or check out their music on iTunes

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