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A few writing and Couch-related items + danger ponies!


Danger Pony!

1) Couch was selected by Indie-Bound as a ‘Top 10 Reading Group Selection’ for Spring/Summer 2009, as mentioned on the Indie Bound website.  Christian Crider of Inkwood Books in Tampa, Florida said:

Couch follows the quirky journey of Thom, Erik, and Tree as they venture into the unknown at the behest of a magical, orange couch, which has its own plan for their previously boring lives. Parzybok’s colorful characters, striking humor, and eccentric magical realism offer up an adventuresome read.”

Thanks, Christian! Here’s a link to Couch on Inkwood Books website, which seems a happy place to buy the book, or try the Indie Bound link above if, good god!, you haven’t bought it yet!? Oregonian Molly Gloss’s book The Hearts of Horses was also recommended which Laura Moulton, Kelly Link and Gavin Grant all raved about it.

2) It’s a tad early to mention this, but the Richard Hugo House in Seattle asked me to be a part of their Hugo Literary Series, about which I’m extremely excited. While I was there I saw the ‘My Avatar’ installment, featuring Christa Bell, Jennifer Finney Boylan and Vikram Chandra, super impressive performances all. The theme will be ‘Visiting Hours’ and that will happen in late November of this year. If you don’t know about the Richard Hugo House – spend some time on their website, it’s a powerhouse of a literary organization.

3) A subversive, anonymous, third-person-plural organization who call themselves ‘PDXWD‘  (formed of:  ‘a mash of wires and ponies’) talks about Couch and parking structures today. They appear to be recommending it over War and Peace, subversive indeed!

In a possibly related article: Danger Ponies banned!

4) Can someone please write a comic book called Danger Ponies?

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My name is Ben Parzybok and I'm a novelist and programmer living in Portland, OR. @sparkwatson



  1. congrats on the continued success of Couch! how awesome that it keeps getting recommended and written about. that book has legs! (good thing cuz carrying a couch can be tiring work). you certainly will have lots of people around the country primed and ready for your next literary splash

  2. i loved this book and i am so glad it is getting the attention it deserves!

  3. Thanks David and Helen. David, I very much like the idea of my next literary splash. Now, where was the pool again? It’s hot in here.

  4. Fantastic Ben. Congrats on Hugo house invite! When are the Coen brothers going to invite you to write the script of it? Don’t they know you named your first born after them?

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