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Craig Arnold

ah shit! Craig Arnold, author of Shells and winner of the Yale Younger Poets prize, died. Apparently he fell from a cliff while hiking in Japan (where he’d been teaching for University of Wyoming).

I’ll never forget listening to him read from Shells at Powell’s on Hawthorne. Afterwards, starry-eyed, I asked if he’d consider submitting to Gumball Poetry. He was incredibly gracious and took the poem capsules I jammed into his hands. What a loss.

Here are a couple of links:

Craig Arnold’s Volcano Pilgrim blog

Find Craig Arnold

Craig’s books at Powell’s: Shells, Made Flesh

Farragoblog – a blog remembrance – there are many more of these online.

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  1. I lost one of my dearest friends this way about 13 years ago. It’s a tragic and sudden way to go — but hopefully quick, and preceded by beauty more than fear.

    Arnold did beautiful work. A shame to see a lyrical voice silenced.

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