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Smallpressalooza/tour and the start of a quest

Yes, the rumors are true: I’ll be in your town searching for the perfect cinnamon roll.

cinnamon-roll<—- IS THIS IT?!

If I find the time, I may also read at a book store. The cinnamon roll quest is scheduled around the following divine cinnamony space-time manifestations:

Portland, OR – Powell’s Books, March 16th, starting at 5:00pm. I’m part of Powell’s Smallpressalooza put on by Kevin Sampsell of Future Tense, so there will be a lot of readings this night. Here’s the full list and it looks great:

5:00 Starlite Motel (“Night Bomb”)
5:15 Zachary Schomburg (“The Pond”)
5:30 Tim Sproul (“How to Leave Your Hometown for Good”)
6:00 Ronault L.S. Catalani AKA Polo (“Counter Culture”)
6:15 Emiko Badillo (“Broken Hipster” zine)
6:30 Matt Briggs (“The End Is the Beginning”)
7:00 Moe Bowstern (“Xtra Tuf” zine)
7:15 Karen Giezyng (“Bumpstart” zine)
7:30 Lia Cunningham (“The People I Love Best” zine)
8:00 Molly McNett (“One Dog Happy”)
8:15 Benjamin Parzybok (“Couch”)
8:30 Evan Schneider (“Boneshaker” zine)
9:00 Samuel Ligon (“Drift and Swerve”)
9:15 Jeff Stewart (“March of Time & Skin”)
9:30 Riley Michael Parker (“Our Beloved 26th”)
9:46 – 12:01 – Dionysian cinnamon roll engorgement!

Should be a great night. I have no idea what I’ll read, but there certainly seems to be quite a few books in the store to choose from.

The rest of the schedule may be seen in detail here:

March 17th – Olympia, WA – Orca Books!

March 18th – Tacoma, WA – Garfield Book Company at PLU

March 19th – Seattle, WA – Seattle Public Library – Ballard Branch (via Secret Garden Books)

March 21th – Bellingham, WA – Village Books

March 23rd – Missoula, MT –Fact & Fiction

March 24th – Dillon, MT – The Bookstore

March 25th – Spokane, WA – Auntie’s Books – oh look, an Ugly Couch Contest at Auntie’s! – click to see fullsize:


Please help me find the perfect cinnamon roll.


Author: Benjamin Parzybok

My name is Ben Parzybok and I'm a novelist and programmer living in Portland, OR. @sparkwatson



  1. gad dabnit! i’ve had your reading event blocked out for many weeks in my google calendar for 5pm but i see now you read 3 hours later. i can’t do it then 🙁

    looks like a great tour. wish i was gonna see you on it. hopefully we can time a Seattle trip for when you go up there in November

  2. Ah shucks – yes it wasn’t until recently that the schedule was finalized.

  3. I know where there’s a really good cinnamon roll in Minneapolis, and the ones we’ve got here in Madison are none too shabby either, but rumors notwithstanding, it looks as though you will NOT be in my town, alas!

  4. Sorry Karen – just like Bagels outside of NY, those things called cinnamon rolls you eat outside of the NW are impostors.

    Actually, that’s totally not true, but I really want it to be true, so can’t that make it a little bit true then? What food do we have to our name out here? We stole espresso from Italy. Clam chowder from New England. There’s no Oregon Bourbon or Portland cheese steak or Seattle baked beans. Nobody talks about Spokane strip steak. We don’t have a Gumbo or Jumbalaya. We’re not known for our cheese!


    I move to appropriate the cinnamon roll as our own!

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  6. Life-changing cinnamon rolls at the River House in old West Linn, on the banks of the Tualatin. Call ahead to confirm the day’s menu and business hours.

  7. I hear you’ve got a little joint called Starbuck’s that makes excellent coffee. Bet you can’t get anything like it outside of Seattle.

  8. I’m hard at work (or hardly working as I find your website to stalk you) on a review of “Couch” which I just finished reading over the weekend, which will, hopefully, have people outside of the Pac-NW reading your fun novel!

    I picked it up at AWP. And hoping to review for the lit journal Main Street Rag 🙂


  9. Dear Couchmeister,

    Please come to Salem and sit on my couch. Or at least, do a reading. Please?



  10. Tempting! What color of couch is it? These things matter.

    I was at the Willamette book store and stopped by the lovely Tea Party earlier this year.

  11. The old one is grey. But the new/old one is leather, you can read about it here.

    My friend just made a song to go with the list, hope to post that sometime soon.

    I’ve only been in Salem for four months, so it is likely that we did not pass each other in the street during your visit.

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