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Alternate Transportation: We bought ourselves a Radish

We’ve been surviving pretty well for a couple of years with a small, fuel-efficient car for the four of us but if, for example, I was at work and Laura wanted to head to the store, it was getting harder and harder to lever a couple of small surly kids into a bike trailer without some sort of resulting bloodbath.

For about — oh, 4.2 seconds we thought about buying another car — but who are we kidding? This is Portland and we really, really don’t want another car, for a number of reasons. That’s when we found out about Xtracycles.

So this Sunday we got our nerve up and went and bought ourselves an Xtracycle Radish and jerry-rigged another seat onto it. It’s a real beauty. I very much want to see a Mad Max remake with just these type of bikes.


Because of its long wheelbase it’s such a smooth, cadillac of a ride.


Author: Benjamin Parzybok

My name is Ben Parzybok and I'm a novelist and programmer living in Portland, OR. @sparkwatson



  1. Ooh, neat! Josh has been using an Xtracycle for a while now. I hope you like yours at least as much as he likes his.

    It’s amazing what he can carry on that thing. (Case in point.) Sewing reflective tape onto the Freeloaders gave him a good deal of extra visibility.

  2. wow those are totally awesome. I hope he paints fire on the side of those rockets. Yeah, the xtracycle seems just miraculous. I might convert mine too so we can do things like make trips to the lumber yard, etc.

  3. just finished Couch–stayed up way too late to finish it and almost missed work the next morn–liked your acknowledgments almost as much as the book–well, maybe not that much–have only read one Murakami(sp) book, Wind Up Bird Chronicles, with my book group–am going to recommend Couch to them now–we like to try lots of different stuff–Couch is different!!–thanks for the good read

  4. Thanks, Becky – I’m glad you liked it.

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