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Couch news in the new year

Indie Next List

Here’s a couple of updates to Couch:

Couch is now officially an Indie Next List pick since it’s now January.

Read about other Indie Next List picks here or, if you’re a bookseller, get yourself some very fancy Shelf talkers or download them directly as PDFs here.

Three new reviews:

Paul DiFilippo, writing for Barnes & Noble Review, said about Couch:

“…comic and pratfall-laden on the surface, but surprisingly affecting and mythic underneath. Parzybok’s easy voice is guileless and contemporary, fluid and colorful as that of Tom Robbins, yet concealing considerable craft.” 

Read the whole review here.

Thanks, Paul! (Paul’s books are here)


John Enzinas of SF Site wrote:

“The story gets stranger and stranger as the adventurers find themselves riding the rails on an electric cart, drifting on the couch in the Pacific Ocean, stowaways on a freighter bound for the Ecuador, and carrying the couch through the jungles of South America on a cart with a fog propeller. In between there is action, philosophy, violence, sex, drinking, fishing, terrorists, shadowy cabals, fishing and gluten intolerance.

 The story is fun, the characters are sympathetic and the writing is tight.”

Read the whole review here.

Thanks, John!


Mark Flanagan of said:

“Literary and historical allusions sprinkled throughout make the novel something of a treasure hunt, and a bit of bathrobe philosophizing in parts will make you go “hm.” Couch is a quick and funny read, a short fable that ensnares us in its quixotic intentions and encourages us to believe for a short time in something magic, even if it is just a couch.”

Read the whole review here.

Thanks, Mark!

I will be doing another mini-tour come the end of February – oncet we work out the details, yo.

Happy New Year all, my lovelies. Stay safe and warm. It’s raining devilishly outside. This year is going to bring a whole lot of awesome, especially since we have nowhere to go but up.

Author: Benjamin Parzybok

My name is Ben Parzybok and I'm a novelist and programmer living in Portland, OR. @sparkwatson



  1. Awesome!! Awesome!!! I can’t wait to be envious of your yearly $10,000 from Couch sales.

    Those are great reviews. Seems like there’s some momentum going. How many people are reading it right now…?

  2. Yeah, pretty fun. Is momentum building? Not sure — but I have received emails from friends who have read it, and that’s very fun and satisfying. I haven’t heard anything official from SBP so I’ll have a better sense when I talk to them.

  3. and re: $10k — !! I can’t wait for you to be envious either.

  4. I hope you get your $10 k. It was a wonderful book. My question now is…. can I still snag an autographed copy? I don’t see a link for that, maybe I’m looking in the wrong spots.

    Had I known you had personalized autographed copies I’s have ordered from somewhere other than Amazon, possibly directly from you.

  5. Thanks very much Bryan – I don’t have copies to sell, however I will be heading over to Powell’s soon and will likely sign a few more copies. I’ll post when they have those again. I can’t find that link for Powell’s any more either. I’m also going to go sign a very nifty small Couch poster, if you like Andi Watson’s artwork on the cover. It’s 8.5″ x 11″ – and I think I’ll have a few to give away on the site (hopefully).

  6. I suppose I could scribble your name on the copy I have, pretend you signed it, until my delusional brain was convinced that you and I met on a beach under the stars… where we had a romantic interlude while collecting shells and watching Python DVDs.

    Oh Ben! You signed my book!

    Then I can go sell it on Ebay.

  7. Well that sounds very nice — I hope I found some very nice shells and was generous with the sharing of them.

    But still – if you’re going to fantasize about having your book signed by me, I’m not sure why you’d settle for me. Wouldn’t you rather have Brad Pitt? Perhaps I could be the guy catering the romantic interlude of shell collecting. I’ll serve martinis and creme broulee, and then after you and Brad stiff me on the gratuity, I’ll sell the photos on ebay. Now we’re talking profit!

  8. Nah, Brad seens too high maintenance. I think you might be more normal… in an abnormal sort of way. You’d be easier to hang out with, I think (not like that’s ever gonna be a reality).

    I hereby subtract the “romantic interlude” (yes the shells were very nice), and change it to a voyage on the Tardis.

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