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Portland blizzard (pictures)

A blizzard is characterized as having 25mph or above winds, blowing snow, a windchill of -13F and visibility of less than 5/8th of a mile. has a warning for just such a thing here – yet the weather underground claims we haven’t quite hit that – though having just spent 10 minutes outside, I beg to differ. 

At any rate – having lost a tree earlier this week (we live next to a field, and all the wind seems to end up in our yard) we’re taking it seriously by making sure we have emergency supplies and a well-stocked alcohol cabinet.

Here are a few pics I took — hard to know the best way to take pics in this, as they look nothing like what I see with my eyes. 

(click a thumbnail for a larger view)

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  1. We’re having our third day of snow in a row. Coast to coast!

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