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a few quantitative facts about blood

I was curious so I did a little research on blood today:

A unit of blood is 450 ML – or about .12 gallons.

$1680 = price of blood per gallon. (though blood varies in price – it’s more expensive on the coasts, according to this article in Slate.

1.25 gallons = ~ the amount of blood in your body ($2100 dollars worth).

A newborn’s body holds a cup of blood ($105 dollars worth).

There are ~5,375 gallons of blood donated every day in the US ($9,030,000 dollars worth)

An adult can usually donate about 1 pint at a time (or 8-10% of total blood) ($200)

At rest, your heart pumps ~1.5 gallons of blood per minute or roughly a 1/5th of a pint per second. This works out to about $42 of blood per second (hello Douglas Adams!).

Blood lasts 42 days  (hello again!)

There are 42 gallons (again!) of oil in a barrel of oil. As of today you could buy a gallon of oil for $40.06. A barrel of blood would set you back $70,560.

There are regularly blood shortages over the holidays.

You can lose about 10-15% of your blood without major problems developing.

Exsanguination is the process of bleeding to death.

here are some other blood facts

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  1. And Elvis was 42 when he died, and Hexagram 42 is “Increase” (If one sees good one should imitate it”) which is what every decent red-blooded blood cell should be thinking as they scramble to reproduce themselves, before their heavenly host exsanguinates, or for just a little Christmas cheer. Rudolph wasn’t red-nosed for nothing. It’s actually a ploy to get people to donate blood while they’re out shopping. Did you do all this math yourself?

  2. is this research for your book?

  3. R you writing a book called “Blood” Meridian?

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