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How we used to play video games

I taught Coen how to play a game I used to play in elementary school tonight – a sort of sketch war, an interactive drawing where you advance on each others’ base ships using pencil-stroke-powered fighters. I had to help a little, but I think it no exaggeration to say he was ecstatic about it. Here’s a photo of our ongoing game (click for a close-up).

Anyone know the real name for this and/or play this as well?

Author: Benjamin Parzybok

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  1. I think I failed most of my third grade studies due to my extravagant battlefields destroyed with the flick of a graphite missile. Great to see the tradition passed along.

  2. Yeah – no kidding – for a while it was *the* reason to go to school. I remember long discussions on flicking techniques. So when I explained it to Coen I had to fake the rules a little. How do you remember the rules?

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