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humming. Nasally.

It’s finally here

The miniseries has come to an end, and we await the climax. Hooray!

And now, for a bit of Couch news you can read between refreshing your poll trackers…

– My publisher is having a Couch carrying photo contest
– There’s an excerpt of the first 10k words of Couch up at Book Spot Central
– and also a contest there
– Powell’s is selling signed copies of Couch. Who signed them? I have no idea – I hope it’s a special robot with a calligraphic flare living in the basement. Named Robert. Who hums while he signs. But if you like signatures at the front of your book, that seems like a good way to get one if you’re not going to be in one of these places.

That’s all for now. Go vote and be merry.

Incidentally, we so voted for Omar.

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My name is Ben Parzybok and I'm a novelist and programmer living in Portland, OR. @sparkwatson



  1. And season 1 will be out on DVD in a few months with a perfect, made-for-TV conclusion.

    Hooray for regime change and couches!

    I’ve started reading my copy (unsigned by robots).

  2. yes exactly. I’m glad we already know the good guy wins. Fun you’re reading couch – I’ll have to send some robots out your way with pens. Are you still toying with writing a screenplay?

  3. I made my way over here from Scalzi’s blog, and then I read the excerpt of Couch and shortly I’m running to the bookstore at lunch to pick it up because I Must Know What Happens.

  4. Hi Angie – great! I hope you enjoy it.

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