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Benjamin Rosenbaum interview

There’s a very fun interview of Benjamin Rosenbaum in the Washington Post today. I loved the bits about how he developed a system for managing rejections – it reminds me of his elaborate charting of his novel writing progress (spoiler: He’s 54% done – and hey, what, no writing since June?). It’s certainly a most excellent procrastinatory device. Apparently he submitted his first story to the New Yorker at age 13 about Rabbis going on a rocketship. 

Benjamin’s book The Ant King and other stories is coming out August 1st and will make great summer reading, I’m sure. I’ve read the title story and alternately exclaimed “I can’t believe you can do this in a story” and “oh wow, nice writing” as each bit of prose went weird or apt. (thank goodness no one is asking me to blurb a book, is all I’m saying).

When my book got picked up I tracked down other Small Beer Press authors and cold-emailed them – I’m indebted to Benjamin for the super-engaging replies and guidance. 

Here’s his book at Powell’s Books.

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